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The secret to success: Boiled down.

Boiled down, the secret to success is: For things to get better, you have to get better. By that, I mean – for you to be successful on a consistent basis you have to constantly evaluate your skills, strengths and weakness and then …improve. You are only as successful as your biggest weakness. Close that gap. Now.

As a coach, we are very good at helping clients find and analyse the gaps in their desired project, business, skills or goal. We help bridge that gap by empowering the coachee to figure out, assess and test out ways to move toward their desired outcome. By asking the right questions, we help you figure out where you want to be and ways in which to get you there. We are the catalyst for change.

I’m not a chiropractor, though I have helped many entrepreneurs, business owners, health care professionals and even my wife build their companies into successful enterprises over the past decade. I like to think of myself as a creative opportunist. I am also a big planner and will think though every possibility and outcome (I should have bought shares in post it notes) but as I have gone through my career, I have learnt to take massive calculated risks both with good and bad outcomes – but as they say every mistake is a learning opportunity. (See! I’m an opportunist!) Thankfully I have my wife to rein in some on my most outlandish plans and suggestions. I am grateful and so lucky to have my best friend as my sounding board and biggest ally. Then together we figure out how to turn those plans into something possible, positive and impactful. It’s certainly more fun do achieve success together.

But how do you turn a possibility into a reality? 

By trying.

5 Steps to take to turn an idea into a reality. 

Grab a piece of paper, pen and use it to do the following…

  1. Write it down. A goal is just a dream until it is written down.
  2. Tell someone (or everyone) about what you plan to achieve! Accountability is your friend.
  3. Break your idea into achievable steps. Make a plan but be flexible as things change.
  4. Put a date or deadline on it. Don’t stretch yourself too far, or too little. Don’t forget to consider what could get in your way of that deadline.
  5. Put your steps into action. Do something now, even if it’s small – you are still moving forward.

How else can you learn coaching skills with us?

Start our dedicated online course here.

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