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Our Ebook has landed

Available to read now via Amazon, grab your copy of “How to Coach your Patients” and transform your communication skills for better practice.

  • How do I support my patients to achieve lasting behaviour change?
  • How can I communicate my message more effectively?
  • What’s stopping my patients from following my advice?
  • What will help me cope better with difficult conversations?

When you’re working face-to-face with patients, effective communication is paramount. From getting patients out of pain, to quickly establishing rapport, developing a shared understanding, to supportively challenging patients who don’t follow your recommendations; it might feel like becoming an expert communicator is something that can only be learnt through trial and error.

“How to Coach Your Patients” cuts through the conflicting advice and practice-guru scripts, providing you with evidence-based and easy to understand information that will….

  • Equip you with the core knowledge and understanding of how to create strong working relationships with your patients
  • Give you strategies to streamline your consultations in your practice
  • Help you cope when patients don’t follow your advice
  • Guide you through the evidence-based communication skills that can provide a framework for your conversations
  • Ensure you know how to set effective goals using coaching techniques and use motivational interviewing skills to keep them focused

Inside, you’ll find tools, strategies and resources to support you and your patients, with sensible suggestions that you can easily incorporate into your clinic.

“How to Coach Your Patients” doesn’t provide you with a one-size-fits-all script, nor will it have the conversations for you- instead, it will empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to build a thriving, person-centred practice, with empathic communication at the heart of it. Get your copy here.

How else can you learn coaching skills? Start working through our bespoke online course here.

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