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Business Strategy Consultants

Hi there, we’re Rhiannon and Philippa Oakley.

Wife and wife team and co-owners of Oakley Partnership. We’re strategists and clinicians who work with ambitious (usually introverted) healthcare business owners, like you, to help you make life and business easier and so much more fun!

How we can help you

Our collective expertise has helped hundreds of clinicians from across the world meet their potential, acting as the sounding board busy entrepreneurs need to navigate their business with confidence.

Extroverted introverts, published authors, and mums of the most adorable toddler to ever walk the planet.

Find us at

Instagram: @oakleypartnership

Facebook: @oakleypartnership

LinkedIn: @OakleyPartnership

Our Story

Oakley Coaching begins

We started coaching chiropractors and patients in our chiropractic clinic and on the phone focusing on both business and health coaching to help individuals achieve their goals.


Teaching coaching skills

We started to make a much bigger impact on the wider healthcare landscape in the UK by teaching coaching skills to clinicians.

Start by browsing our online training courses to get an overview of what we can help you with. Whether you’re looking to refresh your bed-side manner, need help with time-management or goal-setting using coaching skills – we’ve got your back.

We are passionate about supporting practitioners to deliver the very best in person-centred care.


Self-led courses

Our online coaching business transformed during the lock downs with thousands of clinicians joining our online webinars. We went global and then launched our online training academy.


Business Strategy

We rebranded to refocus on our passion for business strategy and inclusive communication.


The very best in self-led short courses to help you in everyday clinical practice.

We are passionate about supporting practitioners to deliver the very best in person-centred care. Start a short course today on LGBTQ+ key clinical considerations, motivational interviewing and EDI in healthcare from 2 hours to more.