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Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Consultancy

LGBTQI+ and EDI consultancy services and training for health care professionals and clinics.

LGBTQ+ Healthcare

LGBTQI+ Healthcare – Canadian

EDI within healthcare

Non-clinical LGBT awareness

Conscious Inclusion

Introduction to inclusive communication

“Invaluable and so important for so many reasons. I was so impressed with the course delivery and knowledge too. ‘Actively inclusive’ is the phrase to remember!
There is work to be done and Oakley are leading the way.”

The Impact of LGBT Specific Awareness Training

Our training has been designed to support and progress your organisation’s EDI training, with specific emphasis on the health needs and health inequalities faced by the LGBT community. We work with all levels of your organisations in both the public and private sectors using our unique approach of blended communications training and specific clinical and non-clinical LGBT awareness training including:

  • equality performance
  • inclusive culture in the workplace
  • create a more affirmative atmosphere for your service users
  • overview of the intersectional challenges and established health inequalities seen in LGBT people. 

Our training is aligned to the Equality Delivery System (EDS2), NHS Long Term Plan and NHS People Plan. 

We believe inclusion involves a conscious effort and ongoing commitment from organisations to ensure all staff can bring their whole selves to work, and provide affirmative care that acknowledges the intersectionality of their patients.

“On Monday when I spoke about your training at our Directorate Huddle, my Deputy Director asked for a couple of examples (from the training)… I recalled a couple and they were astounded, which, for me, was shocking considering that the majority of the Directorate are long-established clinicians.”

Training is provided by experienced health professionals who are also members of the LGBT community, enhancing credibility and resulting in training that is meaningful and aligned to the participant’s work in healthcare.

Participants develop a deeper understanding of the intersectional challenges and health inequalities faced by LGBT people and the important role they play in addressing these.

LGBT training provides the opportunity, time and forum for open discussions amongst team members without the risk of being perceived negatively by colleagues.

Outside trainers are perceived as independent and impartial, making it easier for a team to open up, positively challenge each other and address uncomfortable issues.

Nurture and develop equity
, with opportunities for colleagues, staff and partners all all levels to share advice, guidance and embed good practice in LGBT inclusion throughout your organisation.

Benefit from knowledge and expertise you can trust, with advice, guidance and assistance in meeting and exceeding the minimum requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and going that extra mile with both clinical and non-clinical training options. 

InclusiCare EDI membership

InclusiCare provides a mixture of short courses and personalised policy and procedure review to ensure your clinic is proactively inclusive. 

“It’s allowed me to feel better informed and confident to talk to colleagues about the difference for LGBTQ+ people. I feel more confident to be able to have open conversations with trans and non binary people to help support their health better. Thank you.”