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Solution-focused CPD to get the answers fast.

Coach with us

Clear your headspace, break free from trading time for money, and feel empowered to reach your potential. 

Focus on your personal growth and development with our monthly, flexible group coaching programme and training.

Digital Product Masterclass

Increase your opportunities with Digital Products to aid patients and supplement your income.

ClinicalEdge Membership

Live CPD sessions with a variety of experts in their field specifically useful for health care clinicians and clinic owners.

Non-clinical LGBTQ+ Awareness

2-hour CPD for non-clinical staff to develop awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and understand how to support patients and provide an inclusive service for all.

LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Health – Canada

Our LGBTQIA+ course in collaboration with the CCA focusing on Canadian specific data and resources. 

Conscious Inclusion

Understand your own bias to enhance your patient interactions.

Supporting behaviour change

Support and sensitively challenge patients to finally change damaging behaviours and help them achieve their health goals.

Introduction to Inclusive Language

Learn how sensitive communication can positively impact outcomes from care