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Transform your communication skills for better practice

“How to Coach Your Patients” cuts through the conflicting advice and practice-guru scripts, providing you with evidence-based and easy to understand information that will help you to….

– Create stronger relationships with your patients

– Streamline your consultations

– Cope when patients don’t follow your advice

– Use a simple framework to enhance your conversations

– Set effective goals with patients using coaching techniques

– Easily incorporate coaching into your clinic


I am so excited to go forward and try to incorporate these skills into practice. The skills I have learnt made quite a dramatic difference to my consultation.

Course Graduate

Sam Davies, Chiropractor

My experience has been extremely useful, insightful and interesting. I feel much more equipped to help both myself, my osteopathic and lifestyle medicine patients.

Course Graduate

Louise Mallender, Osteopath

Great knowledge delivered in a practical and empowering way.

Thank you!

Course Graduate

Amy Miller, Chiropractor



Common practice pitfalls and how to fix them.


Revolutionise your practice and realise your vision.


Solution-focused CPD for clinicians that need the answers fast

“When I turned to Rhiannon, I was lacking a bit of “get up and go” and felt a little bit stuck and unproductive. Coaching accelerated me to where I felt prepared to step up to be the Principal Chiropractor I wanted to be. I am pleased to have created a structured, supportive environment for my new assoiciate and CA. Coaching has ignited a new momentum in me and I’ve learned if I achieve something each day, no matter how small, it becomes easier to stay motivated. Coaching has given me the work life balance that I wanted– I’m more involved in my family and less worried about work whilst at home, I’ve stopped procrastinating and no longer let my own worries overwhelm me. Since working with Rhiannon I have a better picture of my end goal and what it is I’m ultimately trying to achieve. Now I’m off on holiday to spend some well deserved time off knowing that my clinic and patients are well taken care of. Incidentally, my golfing handicap has also improved!”

Simon Delany BA(Hons) M(Chiro) DC, LRCC.
Chiropractor UK St Ives Chiropractic