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Coach with us

Most clinicians are overwhelmed with daily demands. We support you with proper coaching to clear your headspace, help you to break free from trading your time for money, and empower you to reach your potential.

– Helping you become the clinician everyone loves

– Saving you time and resources

– Make money and give back to your community

– Realise your ambition

Conflicted to Clear

Step One

You’re feeling frustrated and stuck

You know your clinic could run more
efficiently but you don’t know how to do it.

Step Two

Learn more about your options

Choose between our 6-week group coaching programme or working with Rhiannon one on one. 

Step Three

Business and personal success

Then with ongoing support, your clinic will now be thriving and you feel proud of your business. 

Direct insights, proper coaching rather than telling you what to do. I will be recommending you to our coaching clients and chiropractic associates.”

Timo Schmidt, Chiropractor

Healthy Clinic Checklist

Take our healthy clinic checklist, learn about common practice pitfalls and how to fix them.

Short Courses

Solution-focused CPD for clinicians that need answers fast.


Transform your communication skills for better practice.

– Create stronger relationships with your patients

– Streamline your consultations

– Cope when patients don’t follow your advice

– Use a simple framework to enhance your conversations

– Set effective goals with patients using coaching techniques

– Easily incorporate coaching into your clinic


Mindset, motivation, coaching skills and business strategy.


A clear plan to grow your business with ease and make the most of every patient interaction.

– Ethical

– Patient centred

– Inclusive training

No scripts, no sales pitches (for us or for you). Genuine expertise and personalised guidance.

– Leverage your expertise to create consistency in your clinic

– Scale with ease and save time

– Attract your ideal patients

– Maximise your time with effective systems

– Be the clinic patients remember and trust

Whether you’re a solo clinician, have a small team or big aspirations, we’re help you say hello to a unique new way of working.