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AECC UC leading the way with inclusive healthcare training for their undergraduates and faculty members

Oakley Coaching are pleased to announce a new collaboration with AECC University College, delivering bespoke workshops on LGBTQ+ inclusive care for their undergraduate students and faculty. The training will focus on the hallmarks of inclusive care and help students build their cultural understanding of the needs of LGBTQ+ people to facilitate more effective communication and more inclusive care.

Qualified Chiropractor and Coach Philippa comments, “There is a lack of LGBTQ+ inclusive healthcare training across all undergraduate medical degrees within the UK, and as a result LGBTQ+ people continue to face significant health inequalities. AECC UC have recognised the growing need for their students and faculty members to build their confidence in the care and support of LGBTQ+ people and their specific health needs.”

Daniel Heritage, Chiropractic Clinic Lead at AECC University adds, “We are thrilled to be working with Oakley Coaching, it is so important that our patients within our clinical services receive the best care possible and this includes the way we communicate with them and also prepare our students for clinical practice once they graduate.”

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