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Most clinicians are overwhelmed with daily demands. We support you by providing proper coaching and solution-focused short courses to clear your headspace, break free from trading time for money, and empower you to reach your potential.


Common practice pitfalls and how to fix them.


Revolutionise your practice and realise your vision.


Solution-focused CPD to get the answers fast.

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About Rhiannon and Philippa

Experienced clinicians, coaches and mentors.

Rhiannon Oakley (she/her) helps entrepreneurs build a business that makes people happy and frees up their time and headspace to focus on what they really want.

Philippa Oakley (she/her) is a renowned clinician who has built a name for herself through providing pragmatic, down-to-earth advice, guidance and strategy.

The Oakley’s collective expertise has helped hundreds of clinicians from across the world meet their potential, acting as the sounding board busy entrepreneurs need to navigate their own journeys with confidence.

Conflicted to Clear

There’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be, but you’re too stressed and anxious to make a decision. Your goals seems fraught with impossibilities and you’re constantly second-guessing yourself.

Things don’t quite feel like they fit. Maybe the team’s not quite clicking, you don’t feel truly comfortable in your clinic space, you’re stuck doing things because “that’s the way they’ve always been done. There’s hope.

  1. You’re fed up of that nagging feeling that you’re capable of more but don’t know what “more” is, or how to get it.
  2. Everyone else seems to be busier, happier, earning more, taking more holidays…

  3. You want change, yet there’s a voice in the back of your mind telling you that you’re just not good enough, not smart enough, not confident enough.

    But enough, is enough.


I am so excited. The skills I have learnt made quite a dramatic difference to my consultations.

Sam Davies, Chiropractor

Useful, insightful and interesting. I feel much more equipped to help both myself and my patients.

Louise Mallender, Osteopath

Great knowledge delivered in a practical and empowering way.

Amy Miller, Chiropractor

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Your Clinic Your Way

Your Clinic your way

Training in conversation skills with our eBook , be coached yourself and learn from our short courses – your next step awaits.


Learn how to coach your patients


Learn about common practice pitfalls and how to fix them


Clear your headspace, break free from trading time for money, and feel empowered to reach your potential. 


A clear plan to grow your business with ease and make the most of every patient interaction.

– Ethical

– Patient centred

– Inclusive communication training

No scripts, no sales pitches (for us or for you). Genuine expertise and personalised guidance.

– Leverage your expertise to create consistency in your clinic

– Scale with ease and save time

– Attract your ideal patients
– Maximise your time with effective communication

– Be the clinic patients remember and trust

Whether you’re a solo clinician, have a small team or big aspirations, we’re help you say hello to a unique new way of working.

I often came away from sessions with new perspectives and a bit more ‘get up and go!

“I often came to the sessions not really knowing exactly what I want to focus on, Rhiannon would help me break down what is important to me and more importantly, why. I often came away from sessions with new perspectives and a bit more ‘get up and go!’I love that this is a dynamic duo, I’ve also had sessions with Philippa and she too has helped me figure out the ups and downs of clinic life. They are the people I didn’t even realise I needed in my life! For anyone thinking about getting some support, I couldn’t recommend Oakley Partnership more highly.” 

Nutan Fatania, Chiropractor